Training Fund FAQ

Q. How do I get an application for the Apprenticeship Program?

Contact the Fund Office or Training Program at  (973) 376-7230.

Q. How long is the apprenticeship?

Four years.

Q. When would I attend classes during my apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship classes are usually at night or on weekends.

Q. Where do I attend apprenticeship or journeyman upgrade classes?

Classes are held at the Ironworkers Training Facility in Springfield, New Jersey.

Q. Can I continue taking courses after I finish my apprenticeship?

Yes. Once you successfully finish the Apprenticeship Program and become a journeyman, you can take courses offered in the Journeyman Upgrade Program.

Q. Do I have to pay to take apprentice or journeyman upgrade classes?

No. The cost of all courses offered by the Training Program is covered by the contribution employers make, as specified in collective bargaining agreements.

Q. How do I enroll in Journeyman Upgrade courses?

Contact your Local or the Ironworkers Training Facility.