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New Prescription Benefit Manager Benecard for Ironworkers Local 11

Ironworkers Local 11 Welfare Fund is pleased to announce a new Prescription Benefit Manager, BeneCard PBF, who will administer your prescription benefit program, effective January 1, 2015. BeneCard PBF is a union-friendly organization providing prescription benefit services to labor organizations nationwide for over 20 years. BeneCard PBF will replace the current prescription benefit program administered by MagnaCare Rx. The plan coverage and copayments will not change.

Please check your mail carefully in December to ensure you receive the BeneCard PBF enrollment packet containing your new BeneCard PBF prescription ID card, plan brochure, mail order and specialty materials. You can begin using the new card on January 1, 2015. Present the card to your pharmacist so the pharmacy system can be updated, then destroy your old identification card.

Important Things to Know:

  • You may still use the same local pharmacy to fill your prescription(s)
  • If you currently have a prescription(s) with remaining refills on file at your current mail order provider, RxDN, or your current specialty provider, CVS Caremark, your prescription(s) will be transferred to Benecard Central Fill, BeneCard PBF’s mail order and specialty facility. Refills are not filled automatically, so be certain to contact Benecard Central Fill at the number listed below, to order medications at least 14 days prior to your needing the refills.
  • Member web tools will be available to enable you to manage your prescription benefit, refill medications, and access other useful information. Upon receipt of your BeneCard PBF ID card, please register online to access your benefits on January 1, 2015, at

Please be sure to read the additional plan materials that are included with your BeneCard PBF ID card, and retain them for future reference.
You may reach our Member Services Call Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling toll-free at
1-888-907-0070 / TDD 1-888-907-0020

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