Welcome to the information area for the Iron Workers Local 11 Annuity Fund. Here you will find information regarding the Annuity Fund along with links to web sites with other helpfulinformation. Use the links above to view the Annuity Plan Booklet (SPD), recent and archived Annuity plan changes, and frequently asked questions (FAQS) along with other useful information. We hope you will find this information helpful to you and your beneficiaries.

Latest Changes

Change in investment yield calculation from yearly to quarterly

The Board of Trustees has voted to change from a yearly calculation of the investment yield to quarterly, while continuing to send out yearly statements in October.

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Updated Summary Plan Description mailed

An updated Summary Plan Description (SPD) was mail to all participants of the District Council Ironworkers of Northern New Jersey Benefit Plans.

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No Second Loans Where Default in Prior Loan Within the Last Five Years Second Loans with Adequate

If you have previously defaulted on a loan in the past, the current rule requires that you must wait five (5) years from the date of default before you are again eligible for a loan.

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